The ABCs of the Sudden Departure is a series of artworks, designed to look like a children's book that was published after the Sudden Departure. Every week, two letters are released.

The artworks were illustrated by Argentinian artist Pablo Bernasconi.

Artwork Description
A A is for anger of those left behind.
B B is for broken, like all humankind.
C C is for chaos, drawn from confusion.
D D is for Denziger who drew no conclusion.
  • The drawing mentions and depicts Dr. Denziger, who filed the Denziger Report regarding the Departure. ("Pilot")
E E is for the end that some think is near.
F F is for family that's no longer here.
G G is for guilty, which many are feeling.
H H is for hugs believed to be healing.
I I is for impostors who manipulate people.
J J is for jump! Off the top of a steeple.
K K is for kinfolk believed to be dead.
L L is for Loved Ones we bury instead.
M M is for meaning, we've searched everywhere.
N N is for Nat Geo, the one with the bear.
O O is for October, 14th was the day.
P P is for Pope, is he really away?
Q Q is for quiet, that brought such fright.
R R is for Remnants who come smoking in white.
S S is for science, our faith in it shaken.
T T is for two, the percent that were taken.
U U is for uranium, for plots nefarious.
V V is for violence, our situation precarious.
W W is for what's next, not question not statement.
X X is for extinction, we fear is the payment.
Y Y is for Yemen, our holy war.
Z Z is for zero, our final score.