Season 3



Premiere"The Book of Kevin"

Finale"The Book of Nora"

Slogan"The End is Near"
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Season 3 of The Leftovers is the third and final season of the series.





Main Plot PointsEdit

  • Kevin Garvey is at a crossroads. Though no longer tormented by Patti, he still questions if an ordinary life is possible. For Nora, Miracle didn’t turn out to be the safe haven she was looking for, and Kevin’s strange behavior has made her fear for the stability of their family. But Nora’s nothing if not resilient.
  • Laurie Garvey, who left the Guilty Remnant and became a sworn enemy of her former cult, has rejoined her splintered family in Texas. Laurie’s daughter, Jill, watchful and wiser than her years, seeks stability in her own life. Laurie’s son, ex-Holy Wayne follower Tom, wonders if he can just be a son and brother again.
  • Matt Jamison’s faith in God — and in Miracle — has been rewarded. His wife, Mary, who awakened pregnant from her coma, has resumed life with him. All Matt can do is count his blessings and keep preaching the Word.
  • The Murphy family, meanwhile, is still shaken by the faked disappearance of their rebellious teenager, Evie, and by the rogue operation in Miracle, conducted by Meg, the most radical member of the G.R. Hardcore skeptic John Murphy has been shaken to his core by a series of inexplicable events, making him believe there may be miracles in Miracle after all. Erika Murphy, a physician who dabbles in magical thinking, is tough, but there’s only so much she can take. Michael, the most religious member of the family, is a faithful Christian who believes he has witnessed an actual resurrection.
  • Lastly, while those in Miracle struggle to find what is lost, to reconnect, and get better, Kevin Garvey, Sr., is at large in Australia. Formerly the Mapleton Chief of Police, he has been hearing voices in his head – an experience to which his son can now relate.


  1. "The Book of Kevin"
  2. "Don't Be Ridiculous"
  3. "Crazy Whitefella Thinking"
  4. "G'Day Melbourne"
  5. "It's a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World"
  6. "Certified"
  7. "The Most Powerful Man in the World (and His Identical Twin Brother)"
  8. "The Book of Nora"


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