Megan Abbott
Portrayed byLiv Tyler



AffiliationGuilty Remnant

ResidenceMiracle, Texas/Mapleton, NY, U.S.A. (Formerly)

FamilyDarren Finnerty - Fiancé (Formerly)
First Appearance"Pilot"
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Megan Abbott led the Guilty Remnant to Miracle and now awaits the consequences.


The day before the departure, Meg was having lunch with her mother on October 13th. Her mother died in the restaurant when Meg went to the restroom.

Now Meg is one of the leaders of The Guilty Remnant, and has radicalized the cult (there isn’t a real hierarchy system, though it seems that the GR somehow has reunions between the houses’ leaders to decide their next actions).


Meg feels completely suffocated and trapped. She just wants to escape. To do anything to feel something different than what she's feeling. In my mind, it's like going for a respite from strife. She goes to the Guilty Remnant to get away from her present scenario – in her head for a few days – to see what it feels like… and then other things happen.


1x01 MegSolomonFiles
  • In the original script for "Pilot", Meg was described as a redhead in her 20's.
  • In the novel, Meg's last name is Lomax.
  • On the files acquired by the Guilty Remnant, Meg's last name was listed as Solomon. ("Pilot")
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