Mary Jamison
Portrayed byJanel Moloney


ResidenceMiracle, TX, U.S.A.

OriginMapleton, NY, U.S.A.

FamilyMatt Jamison - Husband
First Appearance"Two Boats and a Helicopter"

Last Appearance"Lens"
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Mary Jamison is Matt Jamison's wife.


After several years of paralysis from a terrible accident on October 14, Mary has regained use of her legs. Her husband Matt considers her experience an example of the town’s miraculous benefits.

After Departure Edit

In Season 2 of the show, Mary becomes a central character in the world around Matt, while in the first season, she's an afterthought. In the second season, Matt and her have a whole episode dedicated to them, in "No Room at the Inn," where Matt learns that his paraplegic wife is, in fact, pregnant. Also explored in this episode is their relationship, while the last half is their downfall in a way. Matt tries to save the child from this almost impossible feat of her carrying the child full-term, but every time it seems hope is there, he fails. Then it seems that Matt's God decides to spare him and Mary in the end, but he decides that that isn't good enough. He goes on to take a man's place because he believes in sacrifice to save someone. Mary ends up with Kevin and Nora.

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