Loved Ones® bereavement figures™ is a company that manufactures bereavement figures - a physical recreation of the body of a Departed family member or friend, which could be used for burial or cremation.



The commercial for Loved Ones plays as Matt Jamison walks down a convenience store aisle. ("Two Boats and a Helicopter")


As Tom and Christine are aboard a bus, posing as Barefoot People, they are stopped when many Loved Ones Bereavement Figures are left on the road, as a storage container by the side of the road was broken into. Walking through the bodies wrapped in white, Christine recalls when a crazy German bearded man yelled at her that he saw her in his dream, walking among the dead. ("B.J. and the A.C.")

While at the second annual DROP convention, Nora comes across Marcus, a Loved Ones sales representative who invites her to his penthouse for a wild party. When he asks her if he can kiss her, Nora rejects him by getting on top of a figure that bears his resemblance, and kisses it instead. ("Guest")

In preparation for Memorial Day, the Mapleton chapter of the Guilty Remnant, under Patti's leadership, purchases Loved Ones figures and unloads them at Matt's former church, where outfits were positioned on the floor, possibly meant for the figures. ("Cairo")

Commercial TranscriptEdit

Narrator: They're gone, but so much of them is still here. You've tried to move on, tried to live a normal life, but you haven't let go, because you haven't known how. Loved Ones bereavement figures allows you to say that goodbye, with as little as a single photograph, Loved Ones can create a tangible likeness of your Departed, a bereavement figure for burial or cremation, allowing you and your family to finally begin to feel whole again. Speak with a Loved Ones associate today, or visit us online to receive this informative packet. They'll always be a part of your family, but, they're gone. Loved Ones has consistently scored highest in customer satisfaction, often exceeding customer expectations in cost and likeness. We can't change what happened --
Woman: -- But we can change what will.
Narrator: See our ad in September magazines for details.
Loved Ones bereavement figures for your here. After.


The Leftovers Season 1 Loved Ones (HBO)

The Leftovers Season 1 Loved Ones (HBO)

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