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Am I awake? ("Pilot")

Kevin Garvey, Jr.
Portrayed byJustin Theroux
Carter Sand (young)

AliasKevin Harvey
Mister President


StatusAlive (resurrected)

Date of BirthFebruary 8, 1971

Date of DeathOctober 13, 2015
October 14, 2015
October 15, 2018

OccupationChief of Jarden Police Department (formerly)
President of the Afterlife's United States (formerly)
Assassin (formerly)
Chief of Mapleton Police Department (formerly)
Police Lieutenant (formerly)

AffiliationJarden Police Department
Mapleton Police Department (formerly)

ResidenceJarden, Texas
Mapleton, New York

FamilyKevin Garvey, Sr. - Father
Laurie Garvey - Ex-wife
Tom Garvey - Son
Jill Garvey - Daughter
Lily Garvey - Former adoptive daughter
First Appearance"Pilot"

Last Appearance"The Book of Nora"
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Chief Kevin Garvey, Jr. is the Chief of Police in Jarden, Texas, a post he also held in Mapleton. He is an anxious but determined man struggling with his sanity, the uneasy lover of Nora Durst, and has seemingly been gifted the ability to be reborn after dying and visiting the afterlife. This has caused some, such as Matt Jamison and John Murphy, to view him as the next messiah.


Early Life[]

Born on February 8, 1979, Kevin Garvey, Jr. was born to his namesake, a tough but fair Vietnam War veteran. Kevin grew up in Mapleton, New York, and his father served as chief of the Mapleton Police Department. When he grew up, Kevin became a cop himself, serving under his father's command. He married a woman named Laurie and had with her two children named Tom and Jill.

Over the years, Kevin became disillusioned with his wife and unhappy with his marriage, leading to a tumultuous relationship with his family, especially Laurie. He also developed a smoking habit, which he reapeatedly tried to quit. ("The Garveys At Their Best")

The Sudden Departure[]

When the Sudden Departure occurred on October 14, 2011, Kevin was traumatized like much of the rest of the world, and witnessed a woman he was cheating on Laurie with depart. Soon after this, the Garvey family fell apart. Laurie left Kevin to join the Guilty Remnant, Tom left college to join Holy Wayne's cult, the Divine, and Jill, while she stayed, grew incredibly antagonistic towards him under the influence of her friend Aimee.

Kevin's father also started hearing voices, and he was declared insane and sent to a mental institution. Kevin then became the Chief of Police, putting him in close contact with Mayor Warburton, and often bringing him into conflict with Matt Jamison over his provacative pamphlets denouncing that the departed were all good people. He also grew a hatred of the Remnant for taking his wife from him, as he realized just how good he'd had it before she left. ("Pilot")

First Anniversary[]

While jogging on October 13th, Kevin comes across a stray dog, who is shot dead by a man from afar. Kevin visits the dog's owner, who does not want it back, saying it ran away three years ago, when her husband disappeared. On her front lawn, Kevin notices a stuffed deer. He is then informed by his deputy, Dennis Luckey, that he is late for the city council meeting regarding the following day's Heroes Day. At the meeting, Kevin warns Mayor Warburton that the Guilty Remnant are likely to appear and provoke the citizens of Mapleton, which the mayor ignores. ("Pilot")

After having dinner with Jill and her friend Aimee, Kevin agrees to give them his car for the night. Kevin violently wakes up the next morning from a nightmare, during which he ran over a deer. Realizing he slept in, Kevin discovers that Jill never came back home, and that his entire kitchen is destroyed, with scratches on the walls and a broken door. Making it in time for the Heroes Day parade, Kevin confronts Jill, who informs him that she buried the dog he kept in the trunk of his car. During a speech by Nora Durst, members of the G.R. appear; as predicted, the Mapleton residents are angered by their presence and approach, and a violent attack ensues. Kevin and the police force defend the members of the G.R., including Laurie, who was part of the group. ("Pilot")

Later that night, Kevin sees the dog shooter from the day before at a pub. Too intoxicated to chase him, Kevin instead makes his way to the G.R. cul-de-sac residence, where he confronts Laurie and begs her to come back home. Instead, he is thrown out by the guards. On his way home, Kevin once again sees the deer, in front of his car. Getting out, Kevin asks the deer if it was at his house last night. Suddenly, a pack of wild dogs appear, and devour the deer. The dog shooter stops by Kevin, informing him that these are not their dogs anymore. Kevin asks if he is awake, and the man responds, "You are now." The man starts shooting the dogs, and instructs Kevin to join him. ("Pilot")

Life in Jarden[]

He, Nora, his daughter Jill and, adopted daughter Lily move to Miracle, Texas. Even though he is not really happy about this since he and Nora initially wanted to live there for 6 months but she bought a house for 3 million dollars and he had to leave the dog in quarantine.

Around the time of arrival, he is plagued by Patti Levin, who always follows him even though she killed herself. He doesn't tell Nora or anyone else due to thinking he's going insane.

The second night in Miracle he and his family are invited by their neighbors for dinner. After that when it's night he started sleepwalking, during that he tried to commit suicide by drowning himself in the pond of the town. During that time the neighbours daughter Evie and her friends stage their departure. He sees that even though he can't remember any of it when he wakes up from his sleepwalking. The only reason he survived his attempted drowning is because a sudden earthquake drained all the water out of the pond.

Kevin ends up telling Nora about Patti, but the ends up making her leave him momentarily.

Near the end of the season, John Murphy shoots Kevin, killing him for a second time. Kevin wakes up in the same hotel as last time, heading downstairs to see that people are singing. He angrily forces the man to tell him how to get out of where he was, which the man tells him to sing. Kevin then proceeds to sing "homeward bound"

Trip to Australia[]



  • In the original novel, Kevin is the mayor of Mapleton as opposed to the police chief. He is never depicted as a messiah, is never shown to die, never meets Patti, and never questions his sanity.
  • Kevin's cellphone number is 1 (645) 555-0197. ("Penguin One, Us Zero")
  • The Garveys' house is located at 6 Vanderdonck Street, Town of Mapleton, County of Westchester, State of New York. ("B.J. and the A.C.")