John Murphy
Portrayed byKevin Carroll


OccupationJarden Fire Department (Formerly)
Fortune Teller

ResidenceMiracle, Texas, U.S.A.

FamilyErika Murphy - Ex-Wife
Michael Murphy- Son
Evangeline "Evie" Murphy - Daughter
Laurie Garvey - Wife
First Appearance"Axis Mundi"
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John Murphy is a resident of Jarden "Miracle", Texas. No longer with the Jarden Fire Department, John has found a new way to help people who come to the town looking for answers. He is the father of Michael and Evie, and Erika's ex-husband.

Season 2 Edit

Season 3 Edit

John appears in season 3 as a fortune teller, however once someone asks about a loved one thats departed, the scene goes to Laurie who tells him to shut it down, showing that they are scamming people for money

Personality Edit

John is a easily angered man, but with the help of laurie he becomes more calm and collected