1x03 Gladys
Portrayed byMarceline Hugot


AgeLate 40's-Early 50's

StatusDeceased - Stoned by The Guilty Remnant

Date of Death2014

OccupationFormer dog breeder Guilty Remnant

AffiliationGuilty Remnant

ResidenceMapleton, NY, U.S.A.

FamilyUnnamed son
First Appearance"Pilot"

Last Appearance"The Garveys At Their Best"
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Gladys was a member of the Guilty Remnant, and Laurie's roommate and former watching partner.


Before the Sudden DepartureEdit

1x09 GladysTheDogBreeder

Gladys, in her days as a dog breeder. ("The Garveys At Their Best")

Gladys was a dog breeder who lived in Mapleton. Though it is unknown when and to whom she was married, she had a son, who served in the American Army in Yemen. ("The Garveys At Their Best") ("Gladys")

A day before the Sudden Departure, Gladys was visited by Laurie Garvey, who was interested in adopting a recently born puppy. However, Laurie's husband, Kevin, was reluctant to add another member to the family. ("The Garveys At Their Best")

After the Sudden DepartureEdit

1x01 LaurieAndGladysWatching

Gladys and Laurie watching Meg and Darren. ("Pilot")

Gladys joined the Guilty Remnant following the Departure, and took upon the culture of silence and constant smoking. At one point she was paired up with Laurie Garvey, with whom she shared a sleeping space and watched over potential recruits.

On October 13th, three years after the Departure, Laurie and Gladys were given the file of Meg Abbott. The two started watching her outside of her and her fiancé's house, and followed her to a nearby restaurant, where Darren confronted them. When the couple returned home, Gladys and Laurie were there again. Meg slapped Laurie, and the two left. Gladys also witnessed Laurie's husband, Kevin, as he begged her to come back home. ("Pilot")

1x03 GladysAndWatcher

Gladys watching Matt. ("Two Boats and a Helicopter")

A few weeks later, Gladys was assigned to street painting duties. Two GR protesters splashed her with red paint. ("Penguin One, Us Zero") A short time later, Gladys was paired with a new watcher, and the two followed Reverent Matt Jamison around. In Matt's dreams after being knocked unconscious, he saw that his church was populated with members of the GR, with Gladys being the greeter at the door. ("Two Boats and a Helicopter")

Shortly before Christmas, Gladys, along with several other GR members, was instructed to break into the houses of Mapleton residents, and remove all the photos of the Departed, leaving behind empty picture frames. ("B.J. and the A.C.")

After Christmas, Gladys and her watching partner are seen about Mapleton watching various people and painting over newspaper boxes. After witnessing an older gentleman trip over the curb and drop his groceries, they both simply ignore him and move on about their walk. On their way home, they both stop at a local gas station and Gladys opts to stay outside while her partner goes inside to use the restroom. Her smoking is suddenly interrupted by an unseen figure kidnapping her.

1x05 DeadGladys

A captured Gladys, after the stoning. ("Gladys")

Gladys is dragged through the woods and taped to a tree by an unknown group of people. Soon after the group begins hurling rocks at her, she breaks her vow of silence to beg for them to stop, but to no avail. They continue to stone her until she dies from trauma and blood loss. After a Guilty Remnant search party is formed and begins combing the forest, Gladys' body is found by a clearly shocked Laurie and later sent to an AFTEC warehouse, photographed, and put into the incinerator to be burned. ("Gladys")

While being interrogated by Kevin, Patti admitted that the Guilty Remnant was behind the stoning, with Gladys fully agreeing to it. ("Cairo")