Portrayed byAnnie Q


AffiliationWayne Gilchrest

FamilyWayne Gilchrest - Spiritual husband
First Appearance"Pilot"
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Christine is introduced as a devoted disciple of Wayne. She is the biological mother of Lily Garvey and regains custody of her in season three.


Before the Sudden DepartureEdit

Nothing is known of Christine before the Sudden Departure.

After the Sudden DepartureEdit

Wayne tells Tom Garvey that Christine is important and must be protected at all costs. She became pregnant with Wayne's child, but after Wayne dies and she is forced to live on the run from authorities with Tommy, she abandoned the child shortly after giving birth. Tommy took the baby back to Mapleton and left it on his adoptive father Kevin Garvey's doorstep. Nora Durst finds the baby first and, in the second season, she and Kevin legally adopt Lily.

In season three, Nora travels to a child's playground and speaks to Lily. Christine appears and asks Nora why she is there, to which Nora responds she's there for work. She leaves soon after. Christine informs Tommy about this encounter, and Nora remembers how she did not legally fight Christine when she returned for her child.


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